Palm Sunday Morning Chapel For Young Families

Back when we were ‘young’ and ever-running on a motor of energy, Alex and I worked on staff at Camp Kintail.

One of the great ways that Camp Kintail is connecting with families right now is by sharing morning chapels called ‘Chapodcast’ from different camp families during the week. As ‘Crash and Zucchini,’ Alex and I led one on Palm Sunday.

Please join with your kids, sing along, and enjoy the story!

Chapodcast with Crash and Zucchini!

Ho-ho-ho-Hosanna! Join Crash and Zucchini as they share the story of Palm Sunday! Get your paper, markers, and coats ready so you can follow along! #chapodcast

Posted by Camp Kintail on Friday, April 3, 2020

P.S. If you notice the screen going a bit dark in the middle of the story, don’t worry! This is a technical glitch for “dramatic effect” 😉