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MHP Monthly – April 2024

“For just such a time as this.” This is a quote from the book of Esther that we will start exploring this month. I wonder if we have ever considered the events in our life and how they shape and mold us? And how they make a difference in the lives of others? Esther made a difference in the lives of hundreds, but it was not without challenges and pain.

Into each life, we are given different trials that I firmly believe we get through, with the grace of God and the love of Christ to guide and sustain us.  I pray that you will remember that in your life and through your experiences and challenges, and the way you face them that those who surround you come to see life differently. And you will know that you were placed in their lives for such a time as this.

Peace be with you
Pastor Cherie


Who is Welcome? 

Workshop – Led by Sue Senior (Elder, Knox Waterloo) – Co-convenor Rainbow Communion, Special Committee of the General Assembly 2017-21

This interactive workshop utilizing various methods of engagement, will focus on the work of the General Assembly’s Special Committee – Rainbow Communion – as well as provide opportunities for questions and discussion. The hope is to encourage participants to formulate
a meaningful response to The PCC’s Confession to God and LGBTQI People (adopted by the General Assembly in 2022) regarding the harm caused by homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism and hypocrisy.

At the direction of the 2017 General Assembly, the Moderator (the Rev. Peter Bush) issued a Letter of Repentance (2018) to LGBTQI people and all who have been harmed by homophobia and hypocrisy within and by the church. Throughout the letter, the harms done to LGBTQI
individuals were named and followed by, “we are sorry, and we repent”.

Congregations have been encouraged to begin living out this repentance and confession to be a welcoming community of faith. However, many have found themselves ill-equipped to have these kinds of conversations around addressing the harm done – and ensuring that harm does not continue – for those who identify as LGBTQI and/or their families, friends, and allies. This work informs and intersects with how we as a faith community can be inclusive of all marginalized and minoritized people. Our time together will explore ways in which communities of faith can be more welcoming to all.

Pictures wanted!

During our service for our children’s time, we have had some fun pictures of Pastor Cherie’s grandchildren and now it is YOUR turn! Send us your favourite picture of your child or grandchild that we can share in service…don’t forget to let us know their first name. Send them to pastorcherie@gmail.com.

Mark your calendars!

April Events

April 6 – Your Session will be gathering to vision for the future of MHP, please pray for them.
April 13 – Who Is Welcome? workshop (see below for details)
April 14 – PWS&D Sunday, we will be welcoming a guest speaker from Presbyterian World Service and Development. To see more of the work of PWS&D, we invite you to check out the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s website.
April 20 – 7pm, Games Night.  Bring a game, and join your fellow congregants in a fun evening.

April 21 – 1 pm Community Garden Presentation.  Come and learn about MHP’s community garden, what’s planned for this growing season and more! Gardening books available for a donation.

April 21 – new Sermon Series starting: “Esther: for such a time as this”

Calling all Crafters!

Are you — or anyone you know — interested in helping out with the next incarnation of the MHP tree sweater/yarn bomb?  The MHP Crafting Corner will be set up in the fellowship hall during coffee hour following every service from now until June. Stop by to pick up what you need to knit or crochet a colourful square which will eventually become part of a quilted tree wrap this coming Pride Month in June, 2024.  (Don’t worry, this version will be placed farther up the tree, and out of reach of unhelpful hands). If you don’t know how to knit or crochet, no problem — we can teach you! Touch base with Kirk Dunn or Sandy Takeda for more information

Have you checked out our new “Pray-ground”? To welcome our littles into worship!

Worship begins at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday morning (please click onto the underlined word to access the church’s YouTube channel for the service).
Laurel is looking for ushers.  If you are able to help out, please email her at office@morningsidehighpark.com


If you have any announcements for the congregation, please email them to the office at office@morningsidehighpark.com. Emails received on Wednesday before 12 noon will generally be included in that week’s email. Thank you


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