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MHP Monthly – February 2024

I am the bread of life, Jesus says. He is what we need each day, our daily bread. As we wrap up our series: “Bread for the Journey”, we are reminded to go to Christ, to go to God, in prayer, in scripture, every day. To sustain our faith, to sustain our relationship with God and to sustain ourselves.

Fun fact for this month, and this time it’s not about me, Pastor Cherie…well not directly. This month as I prepared my messages to share with you I found out something I did not know! And I can’t believe I didn’t know this before now. Bethlehem, the place where our Saviour was born means in Hebrew…”House of Bread”!! So, of course Jesus, the bread of life, was born there.

I’m still getting to know folks and would love to meet you sometime. Give me a call or email or pop by the office on Wednesdays, when I am usually in.

Pastor Cherie
905-401-76941 pastorcherie@gmail.com


Other matters

  • Save the date! Sunday March 24th MHP will be providing a chili dinner at Evangel Hall – More information will follow.
  • There are so many organizations helping out with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Pick one of the many emails you have gotten about it, and actually make a donation. If you don’t know where to give, go to Canada Helps – Donate To Ukraine and there is a long list.
  • Want to get involved in Worship?  You can play a prelude, sing with the pick-up choir, or suggest a song! Please click this link for more: https://Sites.Google.com/MorningsideHighPark.com/Worship
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