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MHP Monthly – April 2024

“For just such a time as this.” This is a quote from the book of Esther that we will start exploring this month. I wonder if we have ever considered the events in our life and how they shape and mold us? And how they make a difference in the lives of others? Esther made a difference in the lives of hundreds, but it was not without challenges and pain.

Into each life, we are given different trials that I firmly believe we get through, with the grace of God and the love of Christ to guide and sustain us.  I pray that you will remember that in your life and through your experiences and challenges, and the way you face them that those who surround you come to see life differently. And you will know that you were placed in their lives for such a time as this.

Peace be with you
Pastor Cherie


Other matters

  • There are so many organizations helping out with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Pick one of the many emails you have gotten about it, and actually make a donation. If you don’t know where to give, go to Canada Helps – Donate To Ukraine and there is a long list.
  • Want to get involved in Worship?  You can play a prelude, sing with the pick-up choir, or suggest a song! Please click this link for more: https://Sites.Google.com/MorningsideHighPark.com/Worship
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