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MHP Weekly — March 17, 2023

Dear MHP Family,

Spring is upon us. By next week, we will officially be in another season.  As the world around us shrugs off winter’s cold embrace, we’re thankful for the warming days, the blossoming flowers, and the earth’s return to a source of bounty.  Spring, for us, is a return to the growing season – a rebirth, a regeneration that brings with it what we need to survive the coming year.

Easter, of course, echoes this cycle.  Through the resurrection – the rebirth – of Christ, are given us what we need to be closer to God.  We are given a link to God’s spiritual bounty; love, compassion, and justice.

And while we celebrate this season of new-ness and re-creation, we can also remember that many in this world – both around the globe and just around the block – do not have access to what they need. In this world of bounty, this is indeed a travesty.  During this Lenten season, we are called to remember our brothers and sisters who lack food, clean drinking water, homes, safety, and peace.  And we are called to do something about it. In this Lenten season I invite you to join with me in taking action in responding to the needs we see around us.  Reach out to someone you know is struggling, or make a donation to a worthy cause (if you’re looking for ideas, you can find some here.) Let us take some steps, however small, toward fulfilling the needs of others as God in Christ calls us to do.

I’ll leave you with this prayer from Liturgies from Below, Make us to be your bread.

We pray for those people who are in poverty;
Help us to learn how to share what we have,
Until they sense your abundant supply.

We pray for those people who are thirsty;
Send us to be Messengers to share your living words,
Until they find the source of life, never to be thirsty again.

We appeal for those people who are in hunger;
Make us to be your bread, broken for others,
To share and be shared until all are fed.


This Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent, our service will be led by Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris.  We hope to see you there, either virtually or in person.


Kirk Dunn


Other matters

  • There are so many organizations helping out with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Pick one of the many emails you have gotten about it, and actually make a donation. If you don’t know where to give, go to Canada Helps – Donate To Ukraine and there is a long list.