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MHP Weekly — June 2, 2023

Dear MHP family,

Last week was a delight for those who were at MHP in person. We celebrated Pentecost, we dedicated the benches, we recognized the ministry of Ruth Morgan and we celebrated communion. We also had some visitors.

Later this month we will be holding a memorial service at the church for a former member of the church. Her children came after church to check out the sanctuary and plan the funeral. In the process they saw and reconnected with some friends from when they had attended the church years ago. The funny part is that another couple of women showed up at church to check out the sanctuary, not for a funeral but for a wedding at the end of the summer. What makes this funny is that I got completely mixed up and tongue tied before I realized the people I thought were here for the funeral planning were actually here to discuss the wedding. All’s well that ends well!
As I reflected on all these things, the common thread that runs through them all is love. The love of family in weddings and funerals. The love of neighbours in setting out places to rest. The love of church in service and friendship and the love of God in Pentecost and the sacraments.
Love doesn’t always seem like a very strong word to stand up to the forces of hate and confusion that seem to surround us, but, last Sunday I was reminded that love wins; perfect love drives out fear. Have a blessed Sunday as we gather in worship, as we gather in love.

Other matters

  • There are so many organizations helping out with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Pick one of the many emails you have gotten about it, and actually make a donation. If you don’t know where to give, go to Canada Helps – Donate To Ukraine and there is a long list.
  • Want to get involved in Worship?  You can play a prelude, sing with the pick-up choir, or suggest a song! Please click this link for more: https://Sites.Google.com/MorningsideHighPark.com/Worship
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