Our Leadership


Cherie feels privileged to have been called to Morningside-High Park as their spiritual companion in the role of Minister of Word & Sacrament. Cherie has been a minister since 2012. She has lived in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas all her life.  She loves her family, having three amazing children, who each have an amazing partner, and the 2 incredible grandchildren.

Cherie studied at University of Toronto in Religious Studies, obtaining a Masters of Divinity. She also studied at McMaster University for psychology, sociology and religious studies.

cherie inksetter - pastor - Presbyterian Church in Canada | LinkedIn

Ruling Elders

Members of Session are:

  • Trish Gerrie
  • Kirk Dunn
  • Marc Dunn
  • Allen Stuart
  • Donna Matheson
  • Karen Ingram
  • Michael Kane
  • Alex Fensham


Coordinator of Children’s and Family Ministries

We are HIRING! We are looking for a Coordinator of Children’s and Family Ministries. Do you have a love for God, and a passion to share God’s love with children and families? Come join our team! This is a half-time position to start in the fall of 2024. If interested email minister@morningsidehighpark.com