Family Thanksgiving Devotionals

We are richly blessed with the abundance God has given us!

This Thanksgiving, create small moments of gratitude by exploring short, daily devotionals around your dinner table. The devotionals will start Thanksgiving day, and end the following Sunday. For families with young children, we suggest reading a simple translation, such as the Good News Bible.

Devotional packages will be available in the Fellowship Hall following our Thanksgiving service. If you are unable to worship with us to pick up your package, here are the materials and instructions.

  1. Download and print the short daily devotionals.Thanksgiving Week Devotionals 2019
  2. Cut the devotionals into small pieces of paper, and wrap them up into scrolls with a sticker, ribbon, or elastic band.
  3. Label each devotional with the corresponding day.
  4. Place the scrolls in a bowl on your dinner table. Add a little pumpkin or decorations to help get you in the harvest spirit.
  5. Each day at dinner time, grab your Bible and that day’s scroll. Spend 5 minutes of your day reflecting on the verses in gratitude.

What a gift it is to gather at the table and create small moments of gratitude!