World Day of Prayer

March 2, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Runnymede Presbyterian Church
680 Annette Street

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER – Saturday, March 2 at 10 am
Runnymede Presbyterian Church (680 Annette Street)
Taller walls or longer tables? A group of Slovenian Christian women is inviting the world to “Come to the table—everything is ready” and asking, “Who is not at the table?” The occasion is World Day of Prayer and these Slovenian women are asking people in 170 countries to unite in prayer and immediate action for women touched by injustice.
For 97 years, women have bridged social, geographic and political barriers to justice through World Day of Prayer. Women tend to be the first to experience the effects of change because they tend to have fewer material resources to soften the change and a closer relationship to their community. As a result, they are also the first to notice things like a looming refugee crisis (France 2013), the precarious situation of overseas foreign workers (the Philippines, 2017) and the effects of illegal mining on drinking water and rainforest (Suriname, 2018). Each year, the experiences of women from the host country inform the prayers of Canadians. The immediate application of those prayers has resulted in a half a million dollars in grants to justice projects over the last 10 years.
The Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada invites you, your friends and family to join us, and 1,200 communities across Canada, for the World Day of Prayer 2019.