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This Sunday – 29 January

Hi Everyone,   This Sunday’s Psalm is #95, verses 1 to 9 only, the gospel reading is from Matthew 4:12-25 and the sermon title is “If God would just text…”   On Sunday, I hope to explore with you the

This Sunday – 22 January

Hi Everyone, Many of you might know that I take Mondays and Saturdays as my days off. I try really hard to keep Mondays as my Sabbath – a time to decompress, relax and be creative (family time is often

This Sunday – 17 January

Hi Everyone, A heartfelt thank you to those who helped to set and clean up as well as provide the lovely spread for both the fellowship hour and refreshments after the service of induction this past Sunday. It was wonderful

This Sunday – 10 January

Hello my new family of faith at MHP! Thank you for the warm welcome. As the newest person at MHP, it is a privilege to witness how this community of faith has supported as well as loved one another faithfully

This Sunday – 29 November

Dear MHP Friends, This Sunday we are delighted to be welcoming Rev. Janet Ryu-Chan to preach for “the call”. Rev. Ryu-Chan’s sermon title is “A New Hope”.  Biblical passages for this worship service can be found in Psalm 42; and

This Sunday – 15 November

Dear MHP Friends, This coming Sunday we will be led in worship again by Rev. Jim Kitson.  His sermon title will be “Are Your Choices Your Own?” Scripture readings will be based on Daniel 12:1-3; Psalm 16 and Mark 13:1-8.

This Sunday – 8 November

Dear MHP Friends, This Sunday we will be led in worship by Rev. Jim Kitson.  The sermon title this Remembrance Day service will be “Connected for Peace” and the scripture readings will be based on Romans 12:9-18; Psalm 146; Isaiah

This Sunday – 1 November

Dear MHP Friends, This Sunday, November 1, we will be led in worship by Dr. Phillip Yoo. Our scripture passages are from 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13; Psalm 43; and Matthew 21:1-12.  The sermon is untitled which is a good way to

This Sunday – 11 October

Dear MHP Friends, This Thanksgiving Sunday at worship we will be led by Rev. Zander Dunn.  His sermon title is “Gratitude is the Attitude”. The scriptural readings are from Deuteronomy 26:1-11, Psalm 100 and Luke 17:11-19. Our three week food

This Sunday – 20 September

Dear MHP Friends, This Sunday we will have Tori Smit as our worship leader.  Her sermon title is “Blessed to be a blessing.”  The three scriptural passages are from Genesis 12:1-9, Psalm 15 and Mark 16:14-20. All of us at