Summer Family Moment – July 15

Summer Litany (Is. 55:1a & John 4:11)

Water Pourer: Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters,
Everyone else: the living water from Jesus.

Scripture – John 4:10

10 Jesus answered, “If you only knew what God gives and who it is that is asking you for a drink, you would ask him, and he would give you life-giving water.”


God who gives, how wonderful it is that all we have to do is ask You for life-giving water. Every time we drink water, help us to remember that You give us water to keep our bodies healthy as well as life-giving water that keeps our hearts, minds, and souls healthy too. Amen.


  1. This week, the news has been about the farmers needing rain for their crops. Although the dark, gray clouds gushed forth water in a heavy downpour about a week ago, the ground still remained dry. Can you guess why?
  2. Dry ground cannot absorb the rain when it pelts the earth, when the water droplets hit the ground hard and fast. The earth needs gentle rains to fall in order to absorb the water. Sometimes, the Bible can be difficult to understand because of big words or ideas that are unfamiliar or complex. It is important, therefore, to slowly study God’s word and spend time with certain words and ideas before connecting them to the rest of a passage. During week one, we explored what Jesus meant when he talked about “life-giving water.” In our verse today, Jesus says, “If you only knew what God gives”. What has God given you and your family?
  3. This week, how can you and your family thank God, by words and actions, all that God has given you?