This Sunday – 17 April

Hi Everyone,
We celebrate Earth Day this month and as spring has technically arrived, the theme for the scripture passages for the last three weeks of April has been and will be about plants and creation.
This week’s scripture lesson continues from where we left off last week, Matthew 13:24-35. I must confess that part of me wanted to choose something else because I find the Parable of Weeds among the Wheat confusing and disturbing. Unfortunately for me, sometimes I cannot leave these kind of passages alone because I feel compelled to explore them as they have been put into our biblical canon for a reason.
Please keep me in your prayers as I prepare the sermon for this week.
Looking forward to worshiping with you,

APRIL 17th & 24th – Belonging Matters from 12 to 1:30 p.m. with Rev. Janet in her study

Apr. 24th – Solar Celebration after Worship


The Garden
Do you have a green thumb? Would you like to learn how to have a green thumb? It is officially spring and the gardening season is upon us.
In the past 3 years, the community gardens at MHP have produced and donated over 600 lbs of food, educated local Montessori students, reached out to our community, traded saved seeds with other community groups and sent some of our saved seeds to Africa. This year, we will be adding fruit trees thanks to a generous grant from and Orchard People.
Our gardens need people to help till, plant, weed, water and care for them in addition to teaching children, providing beverages and snacks to helpers, conversation and more. Please contact Gina if you are able to help.