This Sunday – 27March

Hi Everyone,

So you know you’ve been tossed off the pedestal when your teenager looks at you and tells you, without batting an eyelash, “It’s boring, mom.” Ouch… Well, I did ask him for his opinion.

Boring, a.k.a. slowing down, being quiet and/or still, doing something repetitive like wiping, sweeping, doing dishes (no, not child labour as my eldest would claim), is something I keep telling my kids is actually good for them as it gives the brain a break and helps the imagination. And yes, both kids roll their eyes at me whenever I tell them boredom is good for them.

In the swirling busyness of go, go, go, thoughts and emotions twirl right next to things to do, things to get done, things to look into and just more things. What is precious to the soul and lies deep within becomes clouded over by all those things. So, like a gentle stream disturbed by violent movement, one cannot see the bottom as the sediment swirls and twirls in the water. But, once the water slows down and the sediment gently falls to the bottom, the tiny, little minnow hiding by the rock all of a sudden becomes visible.

One hope of Lent is that what is buried within our innermost being will become uncovered by the Holy Spirit in our slowing down and quiet reflection and this, in turn, will help us to grow closer to God. Through stillness, we move (I know, this seems like an oxymoron) with a deeper understanding and more profound sense of gratitude to the climax of Lent, Good Friday. And then, the joy of Easter Sunday becomes that much brighter, greater and more glorious.

This Good Friday, we will go through The Seven Last Words of Christ. A finger labyrinth has been printed in the bulletin to aid those who wish to use it in reflection.

On Easter Sunday, we will celebrate with dramatic monologues written by Andrew F, music and communion. I hope you are able to join us for services on Good Friday and/or Easter Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Peace in Christ,

p.s. Worship bags will be made available to pre and early readers as there is no Church School this Sunday. Church School teachers will be in the worship service. For those with children who need the nursery, please head downstairs and stay with your child.

p.p.s. Please note that next week I will be working on Wednesday and Thursday only in lieu of working on Good Friday and the extra time put in to prepare for Holy Week services.