This Sunday – 28 February

Hi Everyone,

Our annual general meeting (AGM) is taking place this Sunday after worship and our potluck lunch. I think it is safe to say that like most churches, we do food scrumptiously well and I’m already salivating. 🙂

Please know that your presence, your prayers and your thoughts are important and appreciated but especially during this meeting when we all come together in faith to reflect upon the year past and hope for the current year as well as our future.

This Sunday’s sermon is entitled, “A Generous Law – Not an Oxymoron” and the Scripture reading is Matthew 12:1-14.


Looking forward to good fellowship, good food and a good meeting,



p.s. Please keep me in your prayers. I’m a wee bit nervous leading my first AGM with you.




FEBRUARY 28 – Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Pot Luck Luncheon

MARCH 6 – Evangel Hall


Session Highlights

  • Fire safety was reviewed. If anyone would like to donate boxes of baking soda, please bring them on Sunday. Did you know that lots of baking soda can help put out grease fires? Also, monthly checks on pressure gauges for fire extinguishers, the locations of fire extinguishers, procedures for exiting the church and other important details were discussed. A sincere thank you to our elder Marc Dunn who led the review.
  • Session is responsible for setting the date and time of services and we will be having a Good Friday service this year at 10:30 a.m. We hope you will be able to join us for this special service on March 25th.
  • MHP will be hosting the World Day of Prayer service in 2017.
  • New adherents (those who are not members but worship at MHP regularly) were assigned elders. If you are an adherent and do not have an elder, please let someone on session or Rev. Janet know. All congregants should have an elder.


MHP serving Dinner on Sunday, March 6

Do you like to cook or bake?

We are serving salad, chili and dessert in about 2 weeks time for clients of Evangel Hall and would be delighted by your contributions. **Please read all ingredients when preparing the food as someone has a dangerous allergic reaction to mushrooms.

If you’d like to do something but don’t like to cook or bake, we need rolls, servers, and drivers too. So please sign up in Fellowship Hall or contact Marilyn or Sheila , the co-coordinators from the Mission & Outreach team.

Lastly, if transporting the chili is difficult, Marilyn can pick it up from you on Saturday, March 5th.

Please keep this outreach in your prayers.


Updating the Readers List

Do you speak clearly?

Do you like to read aloud?

The  Worship Team invites anyone interested in reading to give their name and contact information to our Office Manager Laurel  who contacts readers to let them know when they are reading. Whether you have a little or a lot of experience or somewhere in between, age is of no consequence.

Contact information can be left by phone (4167-766-4765) or email  Thank you for enriching our worship service by sharing your love of reading.



Since we are between custodians at the moment, we would appreciate any help you might be able to offer in terms of cleaning, shoveling and minor repairs.  Please contact Maria or Peter .

Lent in Pictures

To everyone who likes to take pictures, draw, paint, sketch, cut and paste, colour, etc., I invite you to send pictures about generosity to

The theme this Lenten season is “generosity” and the hope is that we can post people’s understanding and interpretation of generosity through pictures on our webpage.

I look forward to your submissions!